Unbeatable Prices on Exclusive Supplements

Our lowest prices will enable your clinic to maximize profits, pass discounts along to your patients, or both! What you charge is up to you, but if priced at MSRP this re-sell method yields your clinic the equivalent of highest revenue potential across all re-seller options!

Because our supplements are not available in stores, the need for refills will re-engage your patients and establish credibility for your practice as a one-stop-shop for their macular supplement needs.

Clinic Benefits

 Increases patient compliance

Maximun revenue potential

You control the sell price

Patient Benefits



At-home delivery & subscription

Complimentary Benefits Included With All Programs

Below are some of the free benefits that are included
in all partnership programs with Focus Vitamins.

Contact us to hear about additional benefits or to learn more!

Digital Banner Ads 
for Your Clinic Website

• Select the product and desired banner size, and your custom banner ad code is available instantly

• All traffic will be tagged with your promo code to apply 10% discounts for patients and a rebate for your clinic, on all sales


Find a Doctor Portal Inclusion

• Additional exposure to your practice for AMD sufferers who are visiting the Focus Vitamins site and looking for doctors

• SEO - Being on our directory will help your clinic’s own website show higher in Google search results, for relevant eye clinic searches in your service area!


Marketing Collateral

• Brochures, collateral, and displays as needed

• Applicable marketing materials will include your clinic’s unique promo code, so your patients receive a 10% discount


Easy Reordering
 & Support

• Easily re-order wholesale supplements, marketing materials and access your account from the clinic login

• Receive a dedicated account representative, who will help you implement, manage, and maximize return on your sales program

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